• Maintenance & testing
  • Retrofitting / modernisation
  • Spare parts
  • Installation & installation monitoring
  • 24h hotline
  • Remote maintenance (online)
  • Production Support
  • Process technology Training


INGENIA provides professional support throughout the entire life cycle of customer plants. Individual service and maintenance packages in identical quality are available worldwide. This is made possible by remote maintenance over the internet. You benefit from extremely short response times regardless of the location and size of your wire pickling plant, tube treatment system or galvanising line.

24-7 remote maintenance
INGENIA can guide, monitor and control every line sequence from its headquarters. If needed, we can log-in to your system over the internet and solve possible problems within a few minutes to minimise expensive downtime.

Comprehensive training and 360° production support

We can train your experts before your galvanising line is commissioned using our in-house test rig "INGENIA Assembly & Experimental Plant". This means that you have fully competent, optimally-trained personnel from the minute you start production.

Customer care for the whole galvanising process

Especially interesting for anybody who is working with this technology for the first time. Naturally, we can also take care of on-site organisation, such as optimising material crane handling or the whole chemical process.

Retrofitting for the future
Sometimes it is more cost-effective to modernise a plant than to build a new one because the existing resources can be used efficiently. However, this does assume that you have a company with retrofit competence who is able to meet your specific requirements.

More efficiency
INGENIA high-performance cranes ensure fewer downtimes and lower repair costs.

More process safety
Safety is enhanced through the implementation of IMES operating data management and fully visualised sequences.

Improvements for people and the Environment
INGENIA retrofits facilitate the problem-free fulfilment of all current safety and environmental Standards.

Last but not least: The latest Zinkprice

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